The Way of Tori Shogi

Book by Dave Brandl and Bill Croke

"Here, in the space of just about 100 pages is a complete description of the game of Tori Shogi, an introduction to the strategy of playing the game and a selection of complete games for the new player to study. Not only that, we also gain insights into the history of Chess (Japanese and European), learn about the history of the Silk Road, and are enlightened about the philosophy of the way of life of the Samurai warrior via the text of The Book of Five Rings. Wonderful!

"This is the first comprehensive description of Tori Shogi published in English and may well be the first serious book in any language."

- Roger Hare (contributor to Shogi.Net)
March 2013

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First of Its KindThe Way of Tori Shogi

This is the first comprehensive volume on the history, strategies, rules and openings for one of the most exciting and challenging Japanese variants of chess; featuring a unique, parallel analysis for learning the game through the eyes of Miyamoto Musashi, legendary 17th century Japanese strategist, swordsman, artist, and author of The Book of Five Rings.

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