The Way Of Tori Shogi

Miyamoto Musashi's Approach

Tori Shogi — How the Pieces Move

We created a short video, Tori Shogi — How the Pieces Move, that describes and displays the unique movements of the Tori Shogi pieces.

Only one Tori Shogi piece moves exactly like any piece in Chess or Modern Shogi. The other pieces have movements that are modified or radically different from familiar pieces. For example:

  • There are asymmetrical pieces that move differently depending on which side of the board they begin.
  • Two Swallows (similar to Pawns) can occupy the same column.
  • Only two pieces promote (Swallow to Goose and Falcon to Eagle). Promotion is mandatory.
  • Most of the pieces can move backward in some manner.

On the crowded Tori Shogi playing board, it is vital to understand how the pieces move, their latent capabilities, and their strengths and weaknesses.

Jinsei o ajiwau


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