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Tori Shogi Sets are Now Available

Tori Shogi SLA Resin Pieces and Board

“The hand is the instrument of intelligence.
The child needs to manipulate objects and
to gain experience by touching and handling.”

— Maria Montessori


Learning a board game without a physical board and pieces is impractical. Adults need this tactile experience just as much as children do.


Unfortunately, locating Tori Shogi sets for playing on is a challenge. Amazon carries just a few Shogi sets, but not Tori Shogi. Some Tori Shogi sets can be found at Kanare Abstract, and occasionally on eBay, and that’s all we’re aware of.


But now — there are two styles of traditional 5-sided Tori Shogi pieces readily available. These hand-crafted sets display the conventional Kanji characters, in red on the promoted sides.


Matte Board — Sturdy pieces for regular play and game study.







SLA Resin — These unbreakable pieces provide a clear “snap” when played on wooden boards.





The accompanying Tori Shogi boards are printed in high-resolution on 65 lb. cardstock for durability.


For more information about Tori Shogi and these sets, please visit


Jinsei o ajiwau.

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